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Renee has been a God sent. I have learned how to meditate how to think positive thoughts about myself. I didn’t know what to expect when Renee reached out to me after seeing my post in a group I had joined. After speaking with Renee and sharing my truth with her. She sent me ways to open my mind which caused me to look deeper into myself. I feel stronger now I’m starting to feel better about myself. I just love the positive messages and I love the words ‘ I AM ‘ I recommend Renee to anyone that needs help with finding your path in your personal and business life please don’t walk,  run to her. OMG she is the greatest. I’m still learning and reaching out. Renee YOU ROCK

Sharon Guthrie

Renee Reisch is a genuine amazing person with a gift in connecting people. Like her page and connect with Renee Let her help you find your voice just as she has found her own voice.

Tina Larson Hall

Renee – Thank you for hosting such an excellent workshop on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019. I really enjoyed your seminar, “3 Keys to Maximize Your Connections and Become a Super Influencer”. I appreciated your enthusiasm and the way you connected with the audience. You made some great points, especially regarding authenticity and how to reach out to your role models. I would highly recommend your workshop to anyone who is ready to network and take their business to the next level! 

Rita Connor

President, Elite Resorts & Spas

My dear friend and colleague Renée Reisch, you are an amazing trainer and super inspirational coach! Your vibrant energy flows and is contagious ! You are beautiful! Glad we met and connected so nicely and look forward to keep on rolling together. Well done for the seminar on maximizing connections and becoming top influencer. 👍 Thank you. ♥️ you!

Natasha Viguie

International Marketing Director

Renee taught some classes that I attended to update my job skills, and she always left me feeling like I could accomplish my goals. She’s a very powerful speaker and has a kindness and compassion not often found these days. I believe Renee’s classes were always full because her leadership skills were very motivating and always enjoyable. Whether coaching, speaking, mentoring or motivating; Renee will far exceed any of your expectations.

Sandy Cook

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